Agnieszka Lipinski

Certified Introspective Hypnosis Practitioner & Counsellor

Hello, my name is Agnieszka Lipinski. I was born in Poland and grew up in Germany. I lived in the US, Australia and I am now living in the Netherlands. I’ve always been curious about human interactions and the power of the subconscious mind, so much so that, for over 15 years, I spent hours reading, observing and analysing human behaviours, healing abilities and relationships.

Driven by my passion for empowering others, my journey began with studying law. After graduating from law school and gaining some work experience, I felt my mind was there, but my heart no longer was—I was looking to help others in another way.

Then, the COVID pandemic and lockdown happened. Like so many, the nine-month lockdown had a significant impact on my life: mentally, spiritually and financially. Yet, in hindsight, it was a true catalyst for change, as it pushed me towards my calling.

The impact of the lockdown on general mental health, and on my own, led me to research different healing and coping modalities. I read about hypnosis, the healing powers of the mind, sound healing and the positive effects of meditation and manifestation. My interest in psychology, metaphysics, spirituality and human healing abilities grew, and so did my knowledge.

It felt only right for me to study counselling. My studies equipped me with good helping tools; however, I felt as though counselling alone did not enable me to fully cater to the healing needs of everyone. I needed a tool that allowed me to go deeper, to tap into the power of the subconscious mind. I found this tool in introspective hypnosis.

I studied introspective hypnosis with internationally esteemed Antonio Sangio and Alba Weinman, both former students of Aurelio Mejia, the creator of introspective hypnosis. It was when I began studying introspective hypnosis that I knew I had found my calling—it was instant.

Counselling and hypnosis go hand in hand. As a certified introspective hypnotherapist and trauma-informed counsellor, I now feel I am equipped with all the tools I need to help my clients identify and remove their mental, physical and emotional blockages, as well as help them strengthen and improve their relationships.

I strongly believe that feeling is healing. Blockages occur because we are suppressing our emotions, and so, in order to heal, we need to feel, express and release those emotions. By doing so, the blockages dissolve. Introspective hypnosis and counselling are fantastic therapies for that.

I feel blessed to have already helped so many people worldwide through counselling and introspective hypnosis, either online or in my office near Amsterdam in the Netherlands. 

It would be an honour for me to assist you throughout your unique transformational journey. Let’s access your subconscious mind and healing powers together—everyone can do it.

Are you ready to heal your past and build your future?

Agnieszka Lipinski


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