My hypnosis session with Agnieszka was a truly remarkable experience. I went in with no expectations, and quite frankly, I wasn't even sure I was able to get hypnotized. However, I was left in awe at the deep state she was able to bring me to, and at the clarity she was able to guide me towards. It was a wholesome experience that definitely allowed me to clear some of my past traumas. She has a gentle yet pragmatic approach, and I would highly recommend her for any of the services she provides."

After the introspective hypnosis session with Agnieszka, I feel like something heavy was lifted away from my chest - I feel lighter I can finally breathe properly. I can see improvements in all areas of my life, as now I'm more focused and present, rather than living in constant angst and anxiety. Life isn't perfect, but that's the way life is meant to be. But something significant has changed within me to enable me to respond to (rather than react to) it. There are no words to describe the relief and content that I feel to be able to just enjoy the people and experiences in my life. Thank you.

There was a enlightening sense of completion and clarification to several cycles after my session with Agnieszka. She held the space so authentically, patiently and attentively. I felt safe to dive within, and it was there that I encountered a series of memories that helped me process unresolved issues that were still playing out in my life, as guided by Agnieszka. In the non-judgemental, safe and welcoming space of healing that she provided, I gained deeper insight and perspective into such (and even unexpected) areas. Without a doubt, I highly recommend working with Agnieszka to explore and find resolution to any aspects of your life! She is so very wonderful at what she does."

I have been living with a complex post-traumatic stress disorder for over 20 years. My body was partially numb from the traumas I suffered. I tried every existing trauma therapy, yet nothing was as helpful as a session with Agnieszka. She is able to make you feel safe, is patient and a good guide during the session. Whatever comes up, she approaches it very naturally and professionally. She always asks what you feel inside your body and works from there, until your body feels great. It was absolutely amazing to feel my body and energy again after 20 years of living with C-PTSD. I would highly recommend a hypnosis session with Agnieszka, especially for people who suffer from PTSD or people who are curious about their subconscious mind. I am so blessed to have experienced the talent of Agnieszka and the outcome of the session. Since 20 years I feel calm inside, instead of restless.
From start to finish Agnieszka has been completely professional and kind. I felt a little worried, even with the testimonials I'd read, about sending the amount of money I did. There was no need. Agnieszka has proven to be completely trustworthy, reliable, and (again) kind.
The journey of my session was phenomenal. She was the perfect guide for me and I absolutely recommend her to anyone who finds themself here at her site or hearing about her somewhere, because I believe that means she will also be the perfect guide for you (them... you know what I mean). There were some moments of difficulty as hard things came up and my emotions went somewhat intense. Yet Agnieszka's calm acceptance was the perfect safe place and we came through those mini-storms to really beautiful places.
Afterward has been as awesome... and potentially more so... and it feels to me as if my life improves steadily and exponentially as time separates me from the session with my dear guide, Agnieszka!
Let's go back. The first week was rough. I felt like I was hung over for all of it (very much like after I BSP session... just extended from a day or two to 7 or 8). After that, I felt as though I was slowly coming out of a super deep dark cave where I was carrying an immense burden. BSP has and continues to help me deal with that burden of trauma. Yet my session with Agnieszka lifted a great deal all at once.
How do I know? Well, because I went from being like a caterpillar in it's cocoon to breaking out. I think my wings are still drying now, but I am doing more and without extreme fatigue after doing one event in a day. I used to need three or four days to recover from one event (even going to church). Now I'm doing something almost every day and sometimes many things daily.
And because I feel so much better already, I expect things to continue to improve. Both because of my session with Agnieszka and because I keep working toward being better and better.
All told, I obviously recommend Agnieszka!
From the moment I met Agnieszka, I felt an instant soul connection. She created a beautiful safe space where I felt entirely comfortable sharing things about myself that I had never shared before. I went to Agnieszka hoping to gain more clarity about my life's purpose, and although the session decided to take its own direction (you can't always control what the Universe wants to tell you or show you!), it brought clarity in more ways than I could have ever imagined. Agnieszka truly listens to you and uses a pragmatic approach to bring you lasting healing. I highly recommend any of her services.

I had a very traumatic childhood. After the session with Agnieszka it felt like for the first time I was passed the whole situation. I could see my past with a hint of love and compassion. I have never felt that good, light and like myself before. This is a beautiful gift."

Agnieszka has the ability to create a safe space, allowing for a truly transformative session. Comfortability and trust are crucial for a deep-dive during the session and Agnieszka certainly has the gift to do so. It was remarkable to experience her work and I am looking forward to future sessions to unpack even more.

Agnieszka Lipinski


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