Holistic and compassionate therapy

From discovery to recovery. Dedicated to helping you heal yourself.


What to expect

My aim is to create the most healing and positive counselling experience possible. I am honored to walk this journey with you and am committed to providing a quality experience. My approach is holistic, helping you identify barriers that are holding you back. I work to affirm your personal authority in healing yourself. I bring compassion, warmth, and a sense of humor to my work.



Hypnosis Integration

Hypnosis Integration can integrate your new awareness and insights from your session into your daily life. Perhaps our session opened doors to new aspects of yourself and your life, you are unable to express to your loved ones. I understand your journey and can help you successfully integrate the session by listening and equipping you with the right tools to live your change.

Psychedelic Integration

Psychedelic Counselling can help you make sense of your psychedelic experience and help you integrate your psychedelic or transpersonal experiences into your life.


Life Direction & Purpose

Counselling can assist you to find a clearer sense of life direction, meaning and purpose. Working collaboratively, counselling can help you move towards your goals.

Personal & Spiritual Growth 

Counselling for personal and spiritual growth can help you to examine your belief systems and core values. What limiting beliefs are influencing you to become the best version of yourself? Together we will explore and move away what is stopping you from your growth.

Self-Esteem Issues 

Self-esteem is the degree to which we value and respect ourselves. Counselling can help you develop a stronger, more confident and contect sense of self.

Relationship Counselling

The aim of couple counselling is to improve intimate relationships through thoughtful conflict resolution and conscious communication. Helping partners who are stuck in patterns of conflict to find ways of communicating with each other, to decide how to solve their problems and to achieve their goals. I work with intimate partners of all types and especially enjoy working with non-married couples helping them create conscious relationships.

Often I offer a new perspective on the issues at hand or suggest a direction for treatment to help both partners achieve their goals. This may include the teaching of strategies to help improve communications. Each partner's active participation is vital in promoting the success of the therapy.


Agnieszka Lipinski


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