Heal your past and build your future.

I journey with people who are searching for the origin of their repressed emotions, (past life) traumas, anxieties, phobias, unhealthy habits and limiting beliefs.


What is introspective hypnosis?

Hypnosis is the fastest tool of psychology. The positive effects of just one introspective hypnosis session together are instant and lasting.

Hypnosis is defined as a harmless altered trance state characterised by very deep relaxation, highly focused attention, and an extreme openness to suggestions, which are usually positive and foster positive therapeutic changes. Introspection can be defined as the examination or observation of one's own mental and emotional processes.

Introspective hypnosis helps you to find the origin for your psychosomatic symptoms in this life or a past life and helps you to release those blockages.

While in a state of introspective hypnosis, you have direct access to your subconscious mind, which is otherwise heavily guarded. If you’ve been looking for the origin of your symptoms and for answers or been resistant to a type of change—consciously or subconsciously—tapping into this state allows me to help you shift patterns, behaviours, beliefs, or how you feel. Your session will bring you back to the true essence of who you are and release what is not, yet still (sub)consciously influencing you every single day.


My goal

One of my goals is to open people’s minds to this type of work—and its many possibilities. When it comes to inner healing and transformation, if one isn’t open to all possibilities, they may struggle to experience true change and remain stuck their entire life (or many lifetimes!)

What a session looks like

Our session(s) will feel relaxed and like a conversation. We will meet in my office, a well-lit space in my home that I have specially designed to make you feel entirely comfortable and at ease. If we have an online session, you will see me in my office. 


Before the hypnosis session, I need to understand what is happening to you physically, emotionally and spiritually. I will spend approximately 45-60 minutes going over your family history, issues and the symptoms experienced by you. During that time we will address the possibility of repressed emotions, (past life) traumas, anxiety, phobias, limiting beliefs, and thought patterns that are keeping you from connecting with yourself and others. Basically, why you feel you need healing. This sets the intention and guideline for the session.

Once we clarified all of the questions, I will help you to get into a relaxed state. We will need this state to bypass any (conscious) blocks that usually hinder you to access your (forgotten) memories and connect with your answers from within. No matter what you released during our session, you will feel peaceful coming out of the session. 

Our session will be recorded and you will get a copy. I encourage you to listen to it as it helps you to integrate the change. A few days after the session, I will check up on you to see how you are doing, and how your integration is going. During this process some clients benefit from hypnosis integration counselling

Agnieszka Lipinski


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